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Milky Way Over Murphy’s Haystacks

Now here’s an example of beautiful photography! ;-)


This image, taken by Dylan Toh, show the Milky Way over Murphy’s Haystacks, which are inselberg rock formations found between Streaky Bay and Port Kenny on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The rock formations got their name when a traveller in a coach saw the formation in the distance and asked how a farmer could produce so much hay. The rocks became known as Murphy’s Haystacks as the farm was on a property owned by a man named Murphy.

Toh took 13 vertical images with a 5dmk3, Canon 16-35mm F2.8 II lens, at 16mm, F3.2, iso3200, 30 second exposure with light painting on the rocks done with a flash light for 3- 4 seconds of each exposure. The photos were shot in between last light and moonrise, approximately 8pm.


Image: Dylan Toh, Everlook photography:

SoftwareZ used:

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