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I’m not sure how many of you follow the Firefly Online Game’s development, but the official Facebook page just released this:

Yep, It’s true. The Big Damn Heroes have joined Firefly Online!

Nathan, Alan, Adam, Sean and Ron have already recorded their parts, and Morena, Jewel and Summer are on the schedule and will be in studio soon. And we’re currently working with Gina to find a time for her to record.

There’s an epic new story they’ll be helping tell (and when we say “epic”, we mean “EPIC”) and sidequests where you might just run into a familiar face.

In addition to the BDHs, Michael Fairman has joined the cast to reprise his role as Niska. We’ve already recorded Michael and his performance was nothing short of bone-chilling. Look forward to taking some jobs from Niska, if you dare!

We also have brand new characters for you to encounter and some amazing voice talent on board to bring them to life. Key among these are Kelly Hu and Michael Dorn, both of who are huge fans of Firefly and were delighted to lend their talent to the project. If you’re in San Diego this week, you can meet Kelly at QMx’s SDCC booth (#3249). Be sure to ask her about her about Whisper 

So there it is. If there is a downside to all this shiny is we have A LOT more work to do. There are many hours’ worth of new material we’re adding to the game, about 20 actors we need to turn into 3-D models and literally dozens of new scenes that must be blocked and animated. And getting the support of these amazing folks is driving us to bring the quality of the game up even more. Because, well, BIG DAMN HEROES!!!!

As such, we are going to have to push the release date to Spring 2015. There’s just too much more we need to add now that we have the opportunity. We hope you’ll agree, this is just too important not to do everything in our power to make it awesome. To help make up for the delay, we’re looking at a plan to start releasing completed elements of the game separately, so you’ll have a chance to start experiencing the Verse before the main event.

We need to do everything possible to make Firefly Online a success. The actors were thrilled to be able to play these characters after all these years. And it’s occurred to us that if the actors are willing, there’s nothing that says we can’t use this platform to tell more stories in the future.

As long as there are Browncoats who are with us, we want to make Firefly Online a vital, growing community for many years to come.


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